Wednesday, January 11, 2006

My First Word

This blog might be my first step to improve (by commenting sincerely) our entertainment industry. When I refer to the ‘entertainment industry’ it comprises music, film, drama, commercial break, documentary, news, awards presentation ceremony, video clip, radio, tv, gossiping, underground gig, magazine or theatre industries. Anything… anything related to our entertainment industry. It is not rigid to one single aspect of entertainment. The scope of reviewing and commenting is very wide and it is still beyond my expectation right now. I hope my ideas will grow with the support from the readers.

To be frank, I'm not a professional commenter, but all my comments actually base on my personal views plus the other people surround me. I’m not a professional writer too (you can judge by the way I'm writing this blog), but my intention to write is too strong. I don’t care what people said on my style of writing. In fact, I noticed that my grammar is terrible too. But, I still want to write. I want to share my ideas to the ‘Karyawan’ and the audience out there.

This blog is try to balance the idea from the ‘karyawan’ and the needs from audience. There are so many level of audience with a different needs and understanding about the entertainment industry. When I speak about the audience, I need another space to discuss it in detail about the 'audience' and how to classify the ‘audience’. Audience can comments and critics what our ‘Karyawan’ has done but, the percentage of those voices must reflect to some indicator for our ‘Karyawan’ to response back (positively).

I try to support my ideas of writing with references. Those references can justify any evidences or facts revealed in my blog. For the ‘commenter’ who ‘likes’ or ‘want to’ to comment my blog also required to include some references for me to review back those facts commented in my blog.
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