Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Untuk Tatapan Generasi Muda Yg Tak Kenal Cromok

Cromok Live 1989 - Australia

yg nie, adalah Lagu Metallurgical. Lagu yg banyak menjadi inspirasi anak-anak muda yg masih dibangku skolah, kolej dan university untuk belajar main gitar.

Lagu instrumental yg berlatar belakangkang lagu Ulik Mayang (lagu rakyat Terengganu) nie merupakan Masterpiece paling superb dari Cromok. Tanyalah, otai otai gitar hari nie, mesti ramai yang akan cakap, diaorg inspired by this song. Guitarist asal Cromok yg bernama Karl nie adalah ex-Sains Dungun memang menjadi idola guirist sampai ke hari ini.

Yg nie plak, versi yg terbaru. Rambut dah pendek, dah berumur lah katakan.

Kalau nak review detail, ada kat bawah nie


Cromok is a thrash metal band from Malaysia. Being the best ever thrash metal band to have come out from Malaysia, they are known to be an otai band in Malaysia (where the term otai refers to old-timers or pioneers) of thrash metal music in Malaysia.

Cromok is regarded as a highly respected band in Malaysia despite being semi-underground (they have a major record label deal with EMI (Malaysia) which is not considered undergound for most underground purist) for most of their existence. With their straight up thrash metal sounds, Cromok were the Metal gods of Malaysia, worshipped and revered by all metalheads in the country.


Sam, Karl, Miji and Din were Malaysian students studying in Australia where they decided to form a thrash metal band. Din who returned to Malaysia earlier would eventually form a band called D'Cromok. While in Australia, as a three piece band, Cromok went on to achieve a steady following and a large fanbase. When they returned (from their studies) to Malaysia, they were instantly a metal cult figure in Malaysia.Mat Puck or Pucky (real nama Fadhil) was the original member and co founder of Cromok. He is still in Sydney but out of the industry.

Group Styles & Trademark

The group sings in English and they are also known to have at least one instrumental track in every album. The band's vocals sounded more like the Teutonic Thrash style while their music sounded more like the Bay Area thrash metal. Nevertheless, Cromok are a band worthy of a mention with the likes of Metallica, Kreator or Death Angel.

Cromok also often experimented with Malay cultural music elements and sounds. Blending thrash metal with Malay traditional music made Cromok a band different from other Malaysian bands. They are also keen on adding Malay elements in their artworks. This made Cromok a band loved and respected as most listeners can relate to their roots and at the same time bang their heads. It is thrash metal, but at the same time also; Malay-styled.

Cromok, although formed as four piece band, remained three pieced after Din's departure from the band. They also performed as a three piece onstage without ever hiring a sessionist. This may be the factor why they are revered in Malaysia as the are just a three piece band performing with all the skills and sounds of a four or a five piece band. There is also a chance that they may be influenced by bands such as Sodom or Rage who performed and membered as a three piece.

The group is also always known to preferring to use their nicknames instead of their real names (which is a norm with most Malaysian rock bands). Hence the band member's names are always short in manner.

They are sometimes known to be not taking themselves seriously (as evident in one of their songs Final Ticking where the song ends with a burp) and they are sometimes not serious in interviews.

The End?

Just recently in 2005, Sam announced that they were going on a hiatus and that all band activities are suspended. After almost 20 years pumping metal firepower, Cromok has now come to a state of suspended animation. Sam, however, stated that they will do shows provided that the pay is good and he also stressed that Cromok is very much alive. It is just that they won't be recording anymore (maybe not for a long, long time).

Just recently lead guitarist Hillary Ang has rejoined his old band Search, thus speculating a break-up and the end of Cromok.There are rumour that there will be a reunion with Karl with a possible new album and a tour in a very near future.Mat Puck might be able to join them on stage for a few songs.

OriginKuala Lumpur
Genre(s)Thrash metal, Death Metal
Years active1990-2005
Label(s)EMI Malaysia
Former members
Shamsudin Ali (Sam) [bass, vocals]
Tarmizi Mokhtar (Miji) [drums]
Khairul Anuar Shariff (Karl) (lead guitars)
Hillary Ang (lead guitars)
Man Puck (guitars)
Khairudin (Din) (guitars, deceased)


Studio albums by Cromok

Album CoverYear of ReleaseTitleLabel
1991Image of PurityEMI (Malaysia)
1993Forever In TimeEMI (Malaysia)
1996Yours TrulyEMI (Malaysia)
1999Mean, Meaner, MeanestEMI (Malaysia)
2000Image of Purity
(Remastered & Re-released)
EMI (Malaysia)
2000What's Left?EMI (Malaysia)
2002Deafening SilenceEMI (Malaysia)
2004UntitledEMI (Malaysia)

Malaywood: Aku masih simpin kaset cromok dulu-dulu. Bila Cromok nak buat reunion ? Jamming kat stadium bukit jalil.
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