Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Twin Solution?

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Women of all ages will constantly look for beauty products that will improve their looks and even better, make them look younger. Even I am guilty of always looking for products that claim they will make me look better, improve my skin, peel away dullness, make you look younger etc.
Products that claim they can turn back the clock and make you look younger will always be a major hit. After all, who doesn’t want to hide their real age from the world? I seriously doubt you’ll find anyone that will tell you they are happy looking like an old maid, because everyone wants to look younger than what they really are. One of the products that claim they can help you turn back the clock is the L’Oreal Revitalift Anti-Wrinkle and Firming Gel & Cream.
L’Oreal Revitalift claims to have 50% more tensing actives for optimum effect, and will tighten skin instantly and fight wrinkles efficiently. The tensing gel (also known as the red one) has concentrated Pro-Tensium, which is a powerful tensing mineral active. This ingredient is what L’Oreal claims will re-tighten the skin surface instantly.  The anti-wrinkle cream is enriched with Pro-Retinol A to fight wrinkles and fine lines efficiently. After four weeks of use, your wrinkles are suppose to be visibly reduced and the face contours re-defined. Sound impressive I must say.
Since this product was for the older generation of women (there really wasn’t any point in me trying it out on myself as I don’t have any wrinkles just yet), my mom ended up being the guinea pig and tester. I got her to test out the product since it’s catered towards women her age.  She put the product to the test for about a month or more, and the overall verdict? The product gets a neutral rating.
The first thing that would attract you to the product is the packaging, which comes in a combination and bright red and white. The separate vials in the bottle (one for red and one for white) are rather unique because other products usually come ready blended. The blending process happens when you squirt the product onto your palm and apply it onto your face.
When you initially try the product, you do get that tingly feeling on your skin that feels as though it is tightening a little, but with later application you don’t get that feeling anymore, although this could probably be because you get used to it.
The product doesn’t evaporate immediately onto your skin, and takes about a couple of minutes to dry up, so don’t apply your make-up immediately after if you want a smooth application. But the good thing is, once it has absorbed into your skin, it doesn’t have that sticky feeling or oily residue that no one likes. It also has a mild, pleasant fragrance which is good for those who don’t want such an overpowering smell.  
Even though it has been a month using the product, mom says she doesn’t see any visible difference. However, one of her friends recently asked her whether she had lost weight although mom knows for a fact that she hasn’t. So mom thinks her face must be more contoured or toned now! It usually takes someone who hasn’t seen you for some time to note any changes in your appearance. Hmmm. Perhaps the product is effective to a certain extent then.  Personally, I’d prefer an obvious difference I can see for myself instead of relying on other people’s judgment. So far we have yet to find a product that delivers such a result.
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