Friday, August 20, 2010

Tops in high fashion

All the rage: Models clad in Topshop's Autumn Winter 2010 collection.
SHOPPERS were seen surrounding the V-shape runway in the new wing of Gurney Plaza, Penang, for a good reason — to catch the Autumn Winter 2010 collection of fashion brands Topshop, Topman and Dorothy Perkins.
The three brands held their first ever fashion parade in Penang. The response to the one-hour parade was overwhelming with fashion fans snapping away pictures and looking attentively at the eye-catching clothes.

Topshop’s main releases were the ‘Hi Performance’, ‘Out of the Wild’, ‘Dark Nouveau’ and ‘The Outsiders’.
All 10 female models came strutting down the catwalk with 30 sets of clothing, accessories and shoes.
The outfits were screaming for attention themselves with vivid colours and also animal and floral prints. There were tight leggings, fur and also leather bags not to forget those killer heels that are all the rage this season.
Taking the stage next was Topman with its releases named ‘Toronto Sport’, ‘Military’, ‘Grindstone’ and ‘Contemporary Punk’.
The male models wore the latest vests and jackets coupled with jeans. The clothing with interesting designs looked comfortable but not too casual for those who want to wear them to work.
The last leg of the fashion show was by girlish Dorothy Perkins’ ‘Make Fashion Make Sense’ line of clothing encompassing layering with different textures and delicate lace.
Comfortably feminine: A model wearing an outfit from the Dorothy Perkins Autumn Winter 2010 collection.
The models came sashaying down the catwalk with flowy dresses for ladies who prefer a more feminine wardrobe.
The short or long dresses coupled with leggings were mature with a touch of cuteness that would make the wearers look fresh and lovely.
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