Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Secret Markdowns at Jaspal

Jaspal is a Thai brand that brings high street fashion for the average you and I. The quality of their items are awesome and they do have pretty edgy stuff. Not only do they have women’s clothing, they also have men’s collections, accessories and some underwear/lingerie. They just opened a new outlet in 1 Utama and has another one at Pavillion, KL.
Autumn/Winter 2008 in Jaspal has a lot of check, tartans and flowery prints to its collection. They have a country/folk theme going on with a lot of 70’s pattern and styles.
As for the men’s collection, they have a lot of punk influence with a preppy school boy look.
I’ve been to Jaspal twice over the past 2 weeks and boy was I impressed with their markdown Items. I brought 2 friends with me the second time, and both of them managed to spend a total of RM200 on 5 pieces of clothing.WHAT A STEAL! Everything was 70% off :D Shorts were going for RM30+, Jeans, RM60+ after discount. Go make a visit! They don’t shout it out loud and place a “SALE” sign on their windows, but trust me, there are marked down items inside the store. Just ask the friendly SA’s.
I’m not sure if it is still on this week, but just go try and check out Jaspal:)
Jaspal is located at 1 Utama new wing (same row as Topshop, Dorothy Perkins, etc.) and Pavillion, Kuala Lumpur.
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