Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Beautiful Slip-On Hijabs At Jentayu Taman Tun

So there I was,…bored. I decided to go for a cruise that morning in my good ole jalopy. As I drove by through a shortcut to One Utama, I noticed a hijab shop along a row of shop lots in Taman Tun Dr Ismail.
I thought hmmm, let’s take a peek at what they’ve got. The signboard reads Jentayu.
Well names aside, as I stepped into the boutique, I felt a wonderful calm transcending me. (Does Diary of a Shopaholic ring a bell?) provides a delightful read on the origins of the word Jentayu, which means a fabulous bird believed to be endowed with the power of calling for rain and dew.
However, according to Mr Idham, Jentayu was a combo of the words Jelita, Anggun and Ayu. Three shades of meaning that all say ‘beauty’ in Malay.
At first I thought, you know, no big deal, just your regular hijabs in Jentayu but he was sweet.
He said, “Don’t worry, just have a look , at our store you can try our tudungs, there is no need to feel obliged”.
Apparently, this store also sells the hot selling, exclusive Ariani tudungs. He explained to me that my misgivings for the regular slip-on hijabs would be due to choosing the wrong colors for my skin tone.
The key to wearing this slip-on hijab or any attire is with choosing the right color for your skin tone. The wrong color choice can make you look dark and your face look big.
He says the dilemma is that there are many colors that suits youbut you hate them. And, there are colors that are absolutelyatrocious on you but you love them. That was a mouthful thought.
He pulled me a color I swore I would never wear :( , a warm blue slip-on hijab … Here try this.
I went into the changing room and tried the hijab. (What a relief !– Don’t you just hate those other hijab shops that don’t have changing rooms?)
I was pleasantly surprised . It looked FABULOUS. I MEAN IT!
So I was hooked… Oh Mr Jentayu Man, do tell me more. :)
By this time I was introduced to his wife, a petite and soft spoken young lady who also works at the store. She told me the store follows a special philosophy, ‘Educate and coordinate customers so that they walk out looking their best’,…. I LOVE this concept. The store tailors to your needs and suggests hijabs that actually looks good on you.
Well for me I was smitten. I bought 3 scarves from Jentayu and was ecstatic. I never dreamt of liking these slip-on tudungs but I walked out a satisfied customer plus I now know what colors suit me, Oh Yeah!

Discover what they are by visiting or phoning Jentayu. Ask for Mr Idham.
Boutique info:
Facebook : butikjentayu
No: 16 Lorong Datuk Sulaiman 1
Taman Tun Dr Ismail Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 7710 5845
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