Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A shirt isn’t just a shirt anymore

THERE are many great cinematic moments that stay imprinted in our minds long after the plots of the movie are forgotten. Who can forget the kids “flying” on their bicycles in E.T., Ripley fighting with the alien inAlien, or the landing of the spaceship and the haunting music in Close Encounters Of The Third Kind? Back in those days, the look of the movie was as crucial as the script itself, and the wardrobe of the actors and actresses told a story.
Think of Faye Dunaway in Network, Lauren Hutton and Richard Gere inAmerican Gigolo, Robert Redford in The Way We Were, Warren Beatty and Julie Christie in Shampoo, and Steve McQueen in The Thomas Crown Affair, and you get the picture. That’s the premise of Raoul’s Fall/Winter 2010 collection.
Based on the premise that the shirt is as an essential item in one’s wardrobe, every look is designed to evoke the spirit, elegance and ease that transcend those cinematic moments. The shirt is not only reinterpreted as a category by itself, but also seen as different versions such as the jumpsuit, or a one-piece dress with the top bit derived from the shirt.
For the women’s collection, the shirts and blouses are made of soft and elegant silk georgette. The washed silk blouses come with ruffles and bows. Velvet T-shirts and silk tops come with gathered necklines trimmed in velvet cord. Add to that simple raw-edged crew neck tops in leather and you have a totally new interpretation of the garment.
Among the notables for jackets are the collarless wool felt jackets with three-quarter sleeves and covered buttons. Or, try on the camel wool belted wrap coat for size. If you don’t like wool, than try the unstructured blazers in silk velvet and baby corduroy, or the tweed and suede cape.
Line-up: Sampling of the Raoul Fall/Winter 2010 collection.
Ready to jump right into the season? Try the jumpsuits in contrasting colours or the one-piece dress that’s a combination of a silk shirt and wool skirt. There are also knee-length, A-line skirts with a uniform appeal.
When it comes to pants, these are washed silk or light wool, and come full and high-waisted. They are worn with silk or georgette full-sleeved, ruffled or tucked blouses. Washed velvet and corduroy trousers can be worn as part of a suit or as separates.
The colours are earthy and ocean-inspired with camel, bottle green, midnight blue, moonlight, smokey blue, slate, mushroom, brown sugar, ginger orange, russet and iris.
For the men, there’s a reinterpretation of Raoul staples such as the “work” shirt, striped shirts, and the tucked and collarless dress shirt. These come with details such as contrasting collars and plackets, detachable bibs and contrasting print combinations. They are made in soft and relaxed materials such as cotton chambray, washed silk, and washed silk twill.
For the suits, three distinct silhouettes are introduced. There are two button jackets with narrow trousers, and double breasted jackets with strong shoulders and fitted body paired with high-waist baggy trousers. Finally, a more classic straight cut suit.
Take your pick from the wool felt peacoat, herringbone tweed or suede cropped Harrington jackets. Dryer and rugged fabrics such as flannel and tweed contrast with the washed silk parka. Leather and suede are also used in combination with wool jacquard front T-shirts and wool-knit sweater vests.
This season, Raoul also introduces a new concept – its capsule collection. This will be a rotating collaborative project whereby a guest creator is selected to design a category which they specialise in. For this collection and the next one, Tom Scott was chosen to do a knitwear capsule for both the men and women.
Scott is a New York-based designer whose designs are characterised by architectural constructions that are simultaneously modern and understated, sophisticated and feminine. Many of his pieces blur the line between garment and accessory, fusing elements from both, and are designed as such that wearers can manipulate them in ways that are like the clothes themselves – unexpected.
Prices for the women’s collection start from RM299 and RM249 for the men. For details, call 03-2141 6136.
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